Your lungs are full of icy color

And your hair made of crystal dust

You dance with the stars in the night

And laugh with the wind in the day

You sail throughout the sky

In your ship of silky dreams

Among the warm sapphire rain

And the misty waves of white

Your soul is full of thunder

That threatens to break free

So you hide yourself among the clouds

Afraid of the tempest inside

But the storm is nothing to fear

As your aerial friends know

So let loose the lightning

Don’t be afraid anymore

- for anorie




it’s almost spoopy time.



it’s spoopy time


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on the way by RitaCaluori http://ift.tt/1v0TwP0

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photographed by hanmii
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Bright Starry Sky by me
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Autumn in NYC

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You know what really sucks? When you introduce a show/movie/book to a friend, and the two of you have fun for a little while. But then your friend meets other people. They bond over that fandom, your fandom, and they completely forget you exist. And you get to sit and watch as they talk about fan-theories and make amazing art and fangirl about characters with other people and forget you. You’re completely removed from the equation.

It hurts a lot.


Paul Schaffner - Egyptian Mau, 2008                     Photography

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spring rains // flick vlooi
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Untitled by pyoko_fc on Flickr.

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(by sugar++)

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